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Tailor-made strategic alliances

ComediHa ! offers you a group of marketing strategists and experts with decades of experience in the development of programs conceived to help our customers differentiate themselves to remain relevant and to continue their growth.

ComediHa! offers you a consultation service integrated in our Agency, which is filled with talented humoristic content creators and which is one of the most influent agency in the comedy and humour industry.

ComediHa! maximizes the unique expertise of the Agency in areas such as television, digital medias, cinema, festivals, live shows, edition, video games, etc., with an priviledged access to key players and talents in the industry.

ComediHa! offers you an extensive knowledge of the comedy and humour market in order to give you access to a wide variety of creative and strategic solutions for all types of brands.



Strategic alliances based on:

A customized customer service

  • With a specifically assigned account for a more humane service
  • With consultations to address your needs
  • With regular performance reports communicated to your team


  • With qualitative and quantitative approaches to help you build strategies build on data analysis
  • To develop ideas
  • With performance measurements


  • With distinct and unique positioning based on comedy and humour
  • By defining and coordinating the message
  • Integrated to your planning to maximize your representation and activation programs.


  • By working with our internal teams to find ideas that are related to your objectives
  • By allowing the selection of original content
  • Leaded by a team of comedy experts
  • Providing access to quality comedy content which can be exploited on multiple platforms.


  • By propelling our association in a engaging and innovative way
  • By benefiting from ideas and program concepts based on your corporate objectives
  • By planning a strategic program and production based on the development of event-related activities


  • To generate business opportunities and partnerships for your company

Accelerated business development

  • By allowing a distinctive positioning on the market
  • By giving your brand image a consistent presence and strategy deployed throughout the province
  • Integrated to your planning to maximize representation and activation programs




Strategic alliances which deliver results

Here are some examples of the benefits of partnering with ComediHa!:

  • Create traffic in your facilities
  • Entertain and thank you customers
  • Reach new customers
  • Increase your sales
  • Target and reach new target markets across Quebec
  • Position your brand in a unique and consistant way throughout the Quebec province 365 days per year
  • Benefit from a combination of marketing actions arising from all of our activities to reach millions of potential customers
  • Benefit from annual TV ad placement for your properties on the national chanel Radio-Canada
  • Obtain proximity with the market and get a privileged access to artists
  • Show your community responsibility
  • Improve loyalty to your brand
  • Improve your reach at a low price
  • Strengthen or modify your brand image
  • Recruit and maintain human resources
  • Develop new commercial opportunities
  • Create an incentive for retailers
  • Exploit B2B activities
  • Demonstrate your brand’s attributes
  • Benefit from tailor-made opportunities that will ensure powerful results
  • Differentiate your products and services from your competitors’ offering 

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